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Candice Landau

Candice joined Scuba Diving magazine in 2022 as Content Director. She has been a PADI scuba diving instructor since 2019 and originally hails from South Africa. You can follow her diving adventures on Instagram @scubascribbles

Hot Off the Press: Reef Smart Guides Curacao

For lovers of great shore diving, Curacao is a must-visit destination. Fortunately, Reef Smart Guides' newest book will make figuring out where and how to dive it as easy as renting a tank.

6 Books Sure to Inspire Divers to Read, Act and Conserve

The perfect read for your surface interval this summer.

The Invisible Ocean: A Dive Into the World of Microscopic Marine Life

Join Scuba Diving magazine staffer Candice Landau as she takes a closer look a the microorganisms you didn’t know you were diving with.

Enter Scuba Diving Magazine’s Annual Photo Contest

The annual "Through Your Lens" photo contest is now open for submissions. Cut your teeth on a well-known underwater contest whether you're a beginner or a pro.

How the BARE Guardian Tech Dry Drysuit Performed in My Intro to Cave Class

Where better to put a drysuit through its paces than in Florida's iconic cave systems? Okay, maybe Antarctica, but when you test drysuits in Florida, something that can hold up to the rough limestone walls of a cave takes precedence.

Finning Techniques All Divers Should Know

Whether you're a newer diver or a seasoned dive pro, it's useful to have a toolkit of finning techniques at your disposal. You don't need to be a tech diver to frog kick. Let's dig in.

From Shipwrecks to Sharks: Five of the Best Dive Sites in the British Virgin Islands

Scuba Diving magazine staffer Candice Landau explores five of her favorite dive sites in the British Virgin Islands. From wrecks and walls to beautiful reefs and pinnacles, there's something here for everyone.

Tankless Diving or How to Get Anyone Interested in Scuba Diving

Though I’d never seen tankless dive gear in action, the benefit of this system—so small it fitted in a backpack—was obvious. It was light and portable. Not only would it give people access to hard-to-reach bodies of water but it would also serve as “a gateway drug to scuba diving” given you don’t need a scuba certification to try it.

Exploring the Unforgettable Wall Dives of West Caicos

Scuba Diving magazine staffer Candice Landau heads out to Turks and Caicos to experience the geologically dramatic wall dives off of West Caicos. Here's how you can repeat her unforgettable adventure.