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What It’s Like to Dive with an Anaconda

Diving with one of the largest snakes on the planet takes this diver to the swamps of South America.

Six Amazing Freshwater Dive Sites

Looking beyond the ocean opens up dives at a meeting point of two techtonic plates, a medieval town and the world's largest lake.

Three Recently Discovered Wrecks You Can Dive in the Adriatic Sea

Vis Island, located in Croatia, is home to several lost ships and aircraft wrecks that make for epic technical dives in the Adriatic Sea.

LOOK: Photographing Russia's White Sea

Professional underwater photographer Franco Banfi explains how he got this incredible shot while ice diving in Northern Russia's White Sea.

LOOK: Sea Angel in Russia's White Sea

Have you ever seen a Sea Angel (Clione limacina)? While scuba diving in Russia's White Sea, photographer Franco Banfi captured this underwater photo of the elusive creature. See what camera gear he used, and where to go to make the dive yourself! Want more photos that make you LOOK? Go to