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Tips To Get Better Wide-Angle Underwater Photos

Looking to more about wide-angle underwater photography? Here are some simple tips and tricks to improve your scuba diving pictures.

Underwater Photography Tips for Shooting and Editing Sun Balls

How can you get sun balls in your underwater photos? It’s a tough but cool shot — these tips will help you pull it off.

17 DSLR Camera Settings for the Best Underwater Photos Ever

Let’s face it: Today’s DSLR cameras have tons of features and menu items for customization that can be overwhelming to a new shooter.

How To Use Natural Light: Tips for Better Underwater Photography

You can still take beautiful underwater images without strobes — just use the sunlight! Here's our guide to perfect underwater pictures with natural/ambient light.

How to Shoot Pro Quality Photos with a Compact Underwater Camera System

By using some simple techniques and the right equipment, anyone can capture professional quality images with a compact camera system.

GoPro in Action [Imaging+]

Though the GoPro camera is a great way to get into underwater videography, a few add-ons will eliminate the guesswork and produce better results.