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Scuba Tank Maintenance Tips

Looking to buy a tank for scuba diving? Here are tips and rules for scuba tank maintenance, including how often a scuba tank should be inspected.

Exit Strategy: Scuba Diving Decompression Explained

Do you understand decompression? Here is what every scuba diver should know — a simple explantion, using a baseball stadium parking lot analogy.

9 Reasons Why Scuba Regulators Leak (And How to Fix 'Em)

Is your regulator leaking? Scuba Diving magazine's guide to spotting, identifying and fixing every type of air leak known to diving.

Take a Friend Scuba Diving, Share the Fun

Make your next scuba diving trip more fun. Here's how to make your own dive buddy — from scratch.

Diving in Kelp

Everything you need to know to start exploring the rainforests of the sea.

How To Stay Warm Underwater

Don't end your dive because you're cold. Scuba Diving magazine's eight best tips to beat the chill on your next dive.

Diving Impaired: Nitrogen Narcosis

Can diving be too much fun? The dangers of nitrogen narcosis and how you can avoid them.

57 Ways to Improve Your Dive Gear

Customizing your dive gear for greater safety and comfort. Plus: 12 "improvements" you should never make.

California Big Animal Diving

Scuba Diving's exclusive guide to Southern California's big animal encounters. For more USA local dive sites, visit