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Katie Doyle

Katie Doyle is a writer and media artist who has been scuba diving since 2020. She is a fan of cold-water diving in the Northeast, where she resides.

How to Dive Lake Phoenix, Virginia

The unassuming lake in Rawlings, Virginia, may be quiet on the surface, but myriad surprises await below—including prop skeletons, a computer graveyard and even a deconstructed Black Hawk helicopter.

How to Dive the Florida Panhandle Shipwreck Trail

Nearly two dozen wrecks dot the seafloor from Pensacola to Port St. Joe. Here's how to experience them all for yourself.

How to Dive Green Harbor Beach, Connecticut

Diving in Connecticut? You heard us right. Check out this dive spot from the eyes of locals.

Local Diving: Payette Lake, Idaho

The perfect destination to practice the art of ice diving, Payette Lake's cold and clear waters are a must-dive experience.

Exploring the Wooden Wrecks in Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain's floor is replete with wooden vessels, acting as an unofficial record of the area’s commercial shipping history. Some say it’s even home to an ancient sea creature (think the Loch Ness Monster) named Champ.

Hot Spring Diving at Utah’s Homestead Crater

You won’t find any major wildlife sightings here. Rather, Utah’s Homestead Crater leads to a 55-foot limestone dome sheltering a hot spring where divers can enjoy a peaceful dive in calm conditions.

Diving the Cuyuna Mine Pits in Minnesota

You won’t find any coral reefs at this dive spot. Instead, this beloved Minnesota retreat—comprised of about 50 individual sites—is home to a stunning underwater forest, among other treasures.

How to Scuba Dive Island Rock in Port Orford, Oregon

Check out Port Orford, Oregon, through the eyes of the local dive community—then go out and explore your own backyard dive spot.

How to Dive the Blue Heron Bridge in Palm Beach County, Florida

Check out this local shore diving site in Palm Beach County, Florida, through the eyes of the local community—then go out and find your own backyard scuba spot.