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What's for Dinner? A Diver's Guide to Seafood

Wondering how you can help save the planet by making smart sustainable decisions? Check out our diver's guide to seafood. 

Scientists Race to Figure Out Why Grey Whale Deaths are Spiking

Dwinding food supplies, ship strikes and fishing gear entanglement are all contributing to an Unusual Mortality Event among grey whale populations migraging along the West Coast.

What It's Like to Watch Sea Turtles Hatch in the Wild

The joy and drama of life are on simultaneous display as sea turtle hatchlings dash across the beach of Heron Island to the ocean under the preying eyes of silver gulls.

How Scientists are Reducing Bycatch Around the World

Scientists are building new tools to banish bycatch that don't harm fiserhmens' livelihood, from flashing lights to underwater pings.

What it’s Like to Tag a Shark

Here’s what it takes to tag 22 sharks in two days, and how shark tagging helps scientists protect them.

How to Reduce Your Food’s Carbon Footprint on a Liveaboard Trip

A third of all food produced in the world gets wasted — follow these simple steps to help reduce waste on your next liveaboard trip.

Four Critical Marine Habitats You Should Care About

These four critical marine habitats—sea grass, sand, sargassum, mangroves—nurture ocean life as we know it.

Good Viz from Good Buzz

Exuma island in the Bahamas may owe its clear waters, that scuba divers dream love, to the island's bee population.