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Dominica Dive Travel Guide: The Natural

Crowded beaches? Nonstop nightlife? You won’t find them here. Dominica is a rugged and unspoiled paradise, under water and above.

We Rebuilt Just For You

We heard you: Our old site was not mobile-friendly and about as easy to navigate as a complex cave system. Welcome to the new It's completely responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile screens, and we've simplified the site's navigation and layout.

Cayman Five Ways— Returning Diver

Once you visit the Cayman Islands, you’ll want to come back again — and again.

What It's Like to Sink a 1,100-Pound Statue on Grand Cayman

The statue is floating horizontally, and the team is focused on getting it vertical. From below, it looks like a drunken frat-boy scene from Animal House.

Indonesia Sinks Illegal Fishing Boats in Dramatic Fashion

The newly elected president of Indonesia has pledged to seize, burn and sink any foreign fishing boats found in Indonesian waters. The president seems to be a man of his word.

Do Pufferfish Hold Their Breath?

They can look like heavyweight boxers in a display of you-can't-beat-me chest swelling. Find out if they actually hold their breath or not.

Diving the Florida Panhandle Shipwreck Trail

Tourists flock to Florida’s Panhandle for its gorgeous gulf beaches, but divers come for the wrecks that lie beyond.

How To Dive at Night Safely

Are you afraid of the dark? You're not alone – many divers are timid about giant striding into a black sea. Follow our tips on how to drive at night safely!

Ancient Forest Discovered Underwater in the United Kingdom

An ancient forest is discovered by a diver in the United Kingdom.