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Marine Protected Areas May Hold the Secret to Our Ocean's Challenges

We as a dive community are stewards of this coming ocean, and how we tend to these rebounding resources now will dictate what version of the ocean we will be leaving for the next generation of divers.

There's Magic in Low Viz For Divers that Know How to Look

The distinctive greenery between you and your buddy is likely the result of some exuberant biology, a productive party of photosynthetic plant plankton.

Everything (And More) You've Wanted to Know About the Siphonophore

Fun facts about the siphonophore: its size, its species, the longest siphonophore on record and more!

Seeking a Lost Past in California's Waters

it’s difficult to reconcile how the most beautiful things you have ever experienced can be the worst they’ve ever been. But the data is clear—we've lost more than we can imagine.

Is This The World's Wildest Nudibranch?

The *Melibe* nudibranch noticed a crack in the ecological framework to be filled with a body plan just crazy enough that it could work.

How the Ocean Gave Me One Last Dive With a Lost Friend

A Cabo Pulmo shark encounter becomes so much more when California divers sense the presence of their missing friend.

How to Talk to Non-Divers About What You See Underwater

We experience an different world every time they're below the waves. One diver takes a crack at sharing the experience with landlubbers.