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The Silent Fleet of Scapa Flow: Scuba Diving amid World War History

Scapa Flow in Scotland holds many World War I and World War II shipwrecks for scuba divers to explore.

A Guide to Scuba Diving in Sulawesi and the Derawan Islands

The best scuba diving in Sulawesi includes world-class sites in Lembeh Strait, Bunaken, Wakatobi and more — our guide covers the best dive sites in Sulawesi, dive conditions, travel tips and more.

Warbirds: Diving Croatia's Sunken World War II Treasures

Scuba divers can explore the sunken World War II aircraft off Vis Island in Croatia.

Diving Malta's Wartime Shipwreck Graveyard Will Leave You In Awe

Each of the shipwrecks in Malta — many from World War I and World War II — has a story to tell, but to learn the secrets you have to don your scuba gear.

World of War Craft: Diving the Wrecks of Malin Head

The waters off Malin Head, at the northern tip of Ireland, were the doom of dreadnoughts and the graveyard of the great ships of World War I and II.