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Beauty Is in the Eyes of the Diver: Stavronikita's Art Exhibit

The art exhibit by Austrian photographer and scuba diver Andreas Franke on Barbados's Stavronikita was beautiful. Here's a photo gallery of how it looked.

Meet the REEF 2012 Volunteer of the Year

Photographer and surveyor Jonathan Lavan was recognized this spring as the [REEF]( 2012 Volunteer of the Year for his work surveying fish and teaching REEF’s online webinars, called [fishinars](

New photo book by Bryant Austin captures beauty of whales

Marine photographer and conservationist Bryant Austin has recently released a new photo book entitled Beautiful Whale, which seeks to capture the wonder and mystery of some of the largest creatures ever to roam this Earth.

St. Eustatius Sea Turtle Conservation Program looks to increase number of hatchlings

Statia aims to make a big impact in increasing its numbers of baby green and hawksbill sea turtles, common specimens at the island’s many dive sites.

National Marine Conservation Scholarship offers aid to scuba diving students

High school students with a background in scuba diving and love for the ocean have the chance to save money thanks to a unique scholarship.