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The Island of Giants: Swimming with Blue Whales in Sri Lanka

Travelers can swim with blue whales in Sri Lanka and sea elephants in land when they visit this Indian Ocean gem.

Best in Class: Why the Wrecks of Barbados Shine

Why scuba divers should consider the shipwrecks of Barbados among the best diving experiences in the Caribbean.

What It's Like to Cave Dive in Budapest

Budapest, where historic thermal baths derive their heat from natural springs deep in the Molnár János Cave.

Secret Spot: Diving Under Greenland's Icebergs

Scuba diving in Greenland offers cold-water divers encounters with icebergs underwater and beautiful opportunities for underwater photography.

Secret Spot: Diving the Chrisoula K Wreck in the Red Sea

Can you keep a secret? This amazing dive site in the Red Sea is perfect for animal encounters and wreck divers looking for adventure!

Secret Scuba Spot: Malta's Twilight Zone

Scuba diving the Santa Maria caves on Malta's island of Comino is a treat for any scuba diver.

Secret Scuba Spot: East Greenland

An Arctic dive trip of a lifetime: Bring your drysuit and sense of adventure to East Greenland and encounter humpbacks, orcas, fin whales and more!

Secret Spot: Diving the Dead Sea

The percentage of salt in the Dead Sea is so high, it crystallizes over the ground.