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Best Gifts for Scuba Divers and Ocean Lovers

It's not too late to purchase the perfect gift for your ocean-loving dive buddy
By Scuba Diving Editors | Updated On December 6, 2023
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Best Gifts for Scuba Divers and Ocean Lovers

Happy Holidays

Scuba Diving Magazine

Don’t ho-ho-hold off on shopping any longer—the holiday season is here!

As we all know, scuba is the reason for the season, so our editors rounded up more than 40 gifts sure to knock the fins off any diver. Whether you’re looking to surprise the special diver in your life or indulge in some jingle bell self-care, you’re sure to find the perfect present below.

Scuba Gear

iPhone or Android Underwater Housing—$199 to $395

Underwater housings for your smartphone is a favorite gift for divers this holiday season because of their simplicity of use and the quality of smartphone images.

Courtesy Oceanic

SeaLife SportDiver



Already have the housing? Consider a video light, color filters or a dome port.

Underwater diving notebook—Variable cost
Waterproof slates help divers communicate underwater, making this a gift that keeps on giving giving.

A favorite from our staff is the brightly colored Halcyon divers notebook.

Halcyon Divers Notebook

Courtesy Halcyon

Gear ID—From $32.50

An effective means to identify gear in or out of the water. You no longer have to fret about misplacing or losing your gear or having it accidentally (or deliberately) taken by another diver.

Custom Cordz

Have a camera-obsessed dive buddy? Find out their favorite colors and gift them a special Custom Cord.

Custom Cordz

Custom Cordz

Tank Handle—$20

The locking cam-action mechanism keeps the handle in the desired position for ease of use.

Stream2Sea Suncare—From $7.95

Another staff favorite, Stream2Sea has listened to their customers and delivered a new mask defog spray, new OBP-certified recycled packaging and a shimmer sunscreen (offering a subtle glow for every diver’s inner mermaid.)

Stream2Sea Sunscreen

Courtesy Stream2Sea

Waterproof Car Key Container—$49.99

Waterproof to over 300 feet, the original DRYFOB Waterproof Car Key Container keeps your electronic car key dry. Perfect for scuba diving and all water sports.

Save a Dive Kit

Make your own or purchase a pre-packaged kit–make sure to know your buddy’s type of diving so you can customize the kit with them in mind.

Scuba Diver’s 15-Piece Garage Kit—$59.95

Operate popular utility tools off your scuba tank and regulator—no air compressor required.

Protective Case for Dive Computers—$71

They also had other neat things like colored hose holders and bolt snaps and reels all in aluminum.

images of shearwater protective cases
Candice Landau

Garmin Descent G1—$549
The Garmin Descent G1 won ScubaLab Testers Choice 2023 for technical computers for it's lightweight, comfortable and compact body, as well as it's GPS capability. Also available in a solar charging model for $649.

Garmin Descent G1 Solar

Courtesy Garmin

Oceanic+ (Apple Watch)—$799.95
The Oceanic+ won ScubaLab Testers Choice 2023 for its crisp color display and intuitive features. If you're considering going deep, this watch maxes out at 130 feet.

Gili Gear Sand Mat—$39.95
Feeling the sand between your toes is great until you’re putting on scuba boots. A sand mat is a great way for divers to keep their gear and themselves off the ground while kitting up for a shore dive.

BCD ID Tags–$24.95

These personalized embroidered tags, made in Maui, Hawaii, are a great gift to help your buddy uniquely identify their gear.

CITIZEN Promaster dive watch–$281 and up

With new ocean-inspired designs and stylish colors, a dive watch to wear above and below the waves is a timeless gift.

Citizen Promaster Dive Watch

Kristin Paterakis


PADI eLearning—$63 to $259
An online scuba course lets the special ocean lover in your life experience the gift of diving–or continuing their dive learning. Now 20% off for PADI Club members.

PADI Club membership—$49.95
Give them a print subscription to Scuba Diving magazine, discounted PADI eLearning, travel savings and more with a PADI Club membership.

PADI Club membership includes a subscription to Scuba Diving magazine

Scuba Diving

DAN membership—Individual $35, family $55
Safety isn’t sexy, but security is a great gift. Cover the cost of a DAN membership so they have access to world-class dive insurance.

Dive shop gift card—Variable cost
A gift card for your neighborhood dive shop supports a local business while ensuring your diver can get exactly what they want at any time.

Air refill card at local scuba shop—Variable cost
If they already own a tank, a tank fill punch card from your local shop is a great way to help your diver stay in the water.

Boat trip card from favorite dive operator—Variable cost
Many boat operators offer trip cards, getting discounts for the more dives you pay for upfront.

Dive Style

PADI poncho—$55

Made from recycled plastic, the PADI X LEUS poncho is functional and fashionable. It’s like a snuggie you can wear on a boat!

OceanPositive Apparel—From $20
From hats to exposure suits, items in Fourth Element's OceanPositive Collection are made using fabrics including a significant percentage of recycled content from post-consumer waste. This includes single-use plastic bottles and discarded fishing nets.

Nudi Wear—$3 to $178

Nudi Wear is an activewear and accessory company on a mission to make a difference with their bold ocean-inspired swimsuits, sun shirts, leggings, dry bags, towels and more! Their products are made from recycled materials, come in a variety of fun prints such as nudibranch and mandarinfish, and each purchase makes a donation towards ocean conservation.

Nudi Wear

Nudi Wear

Waterlust—$29 to $129

Inspired by and designed to advocate for marine species and ecosystems. Ethically made from recycled and organic materials. 10% of profits from your purchase support high-impact marine research and education.

SlipIns Dive Soxx—$24

As divers, we know the struggles of getting in and out of an exposure suit can be a challenge. Made in California, SlipIns offers a variety of gear to look cute while serving function to surfers and divers alike.

Oceanarium Socks, Beanies and More—From $22 We like our dive gear to have some flare–can you tell? Another great option for dive apparel that will stand out on boats, while also surviving a function, check out the long list of cute designs from Oceanarium apparel.

Scuba Diving Staff Ariella Simke in a Oceanarium beanie

Kristin Paterakis

Art and Decor

Nautical relief maps—$89 to $422
Commemorate a meaningful dive with layered cutouts of the site, from the Great Lakes to the Mediterranean Sea.

Framed scuba gear patents—$60 and above

Gearheads will love celebrating the history of the sport with this set of six scuba equipment patent prints.

Scientific Illustration Art Prints and Apparel—From $31

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean and its inhabitants with internationally-selling wildlife artist Rachel Brooks. Rachel creates unique ink illustrations and fine artworks celebrating the intricacies of the natural world.

Original artwork

Courtesy Rachel Brooks

Dive site world map—$49
See more than 500 dive sites in a glance with this illustrated scuba map bursting with sea life and undiscovered #TravelGoals.

Customized Diver Figurine—From $75 Create your own unique figure diver. To choose from a list of many of components, which are free to configure, including rec, tec and freediving models of various colors.

Models for Divers

Models for Divers

Tide clock—$45

Keep them in tune with the motion of the ocean with a tide clock, which can be set to align with their favorite shore dive.

Handmade Ornaments and Gift Wrap—From $15.75 Like great whites of the West Coast’s White Shark Cafe, their goal is to bring together the incredible community of shark advocates and ocean warriors. 100% of proceeds from your purchase fund shark conservation projects through the nonprofit, Shark Allies.

Felt Ornaments

Shark Cafe/Shark Allies

These antique-style prints are on trend. Celebrate the sea with a gift of an oceanic print featuring marine life, like seaweed, jellyfish, anemones, octopuses, fish or coral.


Octo Nation Mugs—$18

Cephalopod lovers, this is for you! Octo Nation delivers with a variety of designs for mugs and more.

Fin Pins–$4 to $25

These unique pins cater to ocean lovers of all types. With designs you didn’t know you needed–like a popsicle shark or a bootylicious sea star, FinPin is the perfect (and affordable) gift for both adults and kids. Their shop also has washi tape, apparel and stickers!

Fin Pins

Kristin Paterakis

Deep Sea Adventure Pocket Game—$23

Risky treasure hunting in the depths of the sea.

Getting Salty Stickers—From $5

Bringing attention to the “bright, colorful and sometimes strange marine life in our own emerald waters,” gift a unique sticker, bag or hat this holiday season.

Wolf Eel Getting Salty Stickers

Getting Salty

Dive Inspire Magnets, Keychains and Luggage Tags—$10

Their produce was initially designed around the graceful nudibranch and later on extended to other deep-sea species and serves different functions from gift, collectibles, decorative items, accessories to clothing.

Lava Rubber Upcycled Coasters, Yoga Mats and More—From $5

Taken salvaged scraps of old wetsuits, Lava Rubber upcycles the resilient material into useful products including, yoga mats, coasters and surf mats. Have an old wetsuit? Consider donating it to Lava Rubber.


Make a Donation to PADI AWARE

This holiday season, give the gift of a healthy coral reef and help raise money for the PADI AWARE Foundation.

Make a donation and get Respect the Reef gear in the name of someone who loves the reef as much as you do, or when friends and family ask you for gift ideas, ask them to donate what they would have spent to PADI AWARE.


Adopt” A Shark—From $51

“Adopt” a shark found in Fiji’s First National Marine Park, the Shark Reef Marine Reserve.


Reef Smart Guides and Slates

Is your buddy heading on a trip soon? Or do they have a favorite dive destination? Give them a Reef Smart Guidebook so they can enjoy planning their next dive by the fire.

“Signed Copy of A Divers Guide to the World”—$29.99

Filled with compelling stories, expert advice and stunning National Geographic photography, this comprehensive guide features extraordinary destinations for divers who like to travel, divers traveling with non-diving companions, and travelers who are passionate about the ocean.

Cookin' Up A Storm: Sea Stories and Vegan Recipes from Sea Shepherd—$24.95

Children's Books

“A Manta Ray's Journey”—$14.95

“The World of Coral Reefs: Explore and Protect the Natural Wonders of the Sea”—$14.99

“Marine Biologists on a Dive”—$16.69

“Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean's Most Fearless Scientist ”—$12.78

“Wildlife Coloring Book and More”—$17

Explore the wonders of Wild Florida with this hand-illustrated coloring book featuring illustrations by conservation artist and photographer Kelly Quinn.

Kelly Quinn, the artist behind Canvas of the Wild, additionally creates stunning prints that are also great gifts

Kelly Quinn/Canvas of the Wild

Last, but certainly not least, what diver doesn't love a gift of travel to your favorite dive destination. PADI Travel experts can help you find the perfect destination, with a variety of marine life, and plan a dive adventure that's fun, memorable and transformative.