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Coral Scientist Wilfredo “Al” Licuanan Named June Sea Hero

Having only learned to swim after being admitted to a marine science program, our June Sea Hero has since dedicated his life to coral reefs and their preservation.

Rescued Endangered Sawfish in Florida Keys Dies in Captivity

On April 5, 2024, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium responded to rescue a distressed smalltooth sawfish after someone called the sawfish

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Lionfish to Sharks

Spearing lionfish and feeding them to non-native predators has long been touted as a conservation-friendly solution to the invasive lionfish problem, but it can have serious consequences for divers

Recent Articles

Penguins 101: Nature's Fanciest Seabirds

April 25 is World Penguin Day. To celebrate, we’re exploring the world of these wonderful waddlers–from what makes them fun to why we need to protect them.

Coldwater Dispatches: Polar Jellyfish

Patrick Webster chronicles his coldwater adventures onboard Linblad Expeditions, highlighting the fascinating and colorful jellyfish found among polar kelp forests.

How to Photograph Eels

With long slithering bodies that tend to stick to the shadows, eels can be tricky subjects to successfully capture on camera. Here's how to improve your chances of landing a winning shot.

World Famous Anaconda Dies

Bonito, Brazil is a growing hot spot to dive with anacondas. A snake nicknamed Ana Julia was well-known to the local community. She was recently found dead leaving locals, scientists and filmmakers wondering how she died.

6 Weird Fish to See in the Pacific Ocean

If you have a trip planned to the Indo-Pacific, make sure to learn about these six curious-looking fish before you splash.

How Captive Breeding is Helping Shark Conservation

The organization ReShark works to help threatened shark populations bounce back in a unique way.

The Hunt of the Ribbon Worm

Producers of some of the world’s most potent toxins, ribbon worms are incredibly adept—if underappreciated—hunters. While they pose no threat to humans, their encounters with other sea creatures are the stuff of nightmares.