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Divers Cull the Tide of Urchins to Help Save Kelp

A team of hammer-wielding divers cull urchins off the coast of California in an effort to restore kelp forests.

Into the Frenzy: Diving Baja's Mobula Ray Aggregations

A growing industry demands a new approach to wildlife tourism in Baja California Sur.

Discovering the Wonders of Mexico's Cenotes for the First Time

Under the jungle floor along the Yucatan Peninsula, thousands of limestone sinkholes and flooded cave systems--called Cenotes--await adventurous divers who don't mind close quarters. This is what it's like to explore them for the first time

I Dived Croatia's Quirkiest Dive Sites. Here's How You Can Too

A drive-and-dive trip takes a diver through a near-bottomless spring, an underwater winter, the caverns of Kornati National Park and other otherworldly sites.

What It’s Like to Dive in an Underwater Winery

Diving Croatia’s Edivo Vina winery lets you fin through a purpose-sunk “Game of Thrones” ship and head home with a bottle of wine aged in the sea.

Where to Go Scuba Diving in Croatia

Splendid wrecks, saltwater lakes, natural cathedrals and more await divers along Croatia’s northern, central and southern coasts.

How to Plan a Croatia Dive Trip

Here’s what time of year Croatian dive centers are operating, how to get around the country, what gear you need and more.

Divers Clean Up Almost 1.7 Tons of Marine Debris in California

Data on the trash were reported to PADI AWARE's Dive Against Debris database, the largest underwater marine debris database in the world.

Seven Spots for a U.S. Camp-and-Dive Trip

Pack a tent with your tank for an affordable and fun dive trip, whether you’re headed to Michigan or Maui.