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Scuba Gear

Everything you need to know about scuba diving gear all in one place, including buyer’s guides, head-to-head reviews and how-to guides.

Scuba Diving Fashion Wows at the Tacoma Arts Show

The Washington Scuba Alliance entertains and educates attendees at the 2023 Tacoma Arts on the Ave show with fashionable drysuit fits and ways they can help create sustainable marine environments i

Best Dive Gear for Women

.ScubaLab highlights 16 products made specifically with women in mind.

Does Your Dive Gear Matter?

Dialed-in gear is an essential component to your diving safety, comfort and enjoyment

Recent Articles

STAHLSAC Abyss Duffel

The waterproof construction of this heavy-duty duffel keeps dry items protected from the elements, or it can effectively contain damp gear during the journey home.

BARE Guardian Tech Dry

Made with high-density Yamamoto neoprene, this women’s drysuit eliminates stitching in order to maximize the life of the suit.

Garmin Inreach Messenger

This satellite communicator allows you to keep
in contact with friends and family
traveling abroad to exotic destinations, no matter where you are.

Garmin Descent G1

Lightweight, with a compact 45.5 mm case size, this dive watch uses a high contrast
monochrome display to clearly present dive data and offers up to 25 hours of run time in dive

Blu3 Nomad

This portable surface supplied breathing system is powered by a rechargeable, replaceable

NEX Monterey With 2.5 - Inch Second Stage

Based off the same modular Monterey first stage, this reg is outfitted with a fifth in line port
instead of a rotating swivel for a smaller profile and a total of five low pressure ports.rotating turret.

NEX Monterey With 2 - inch Balanced Adjustable Second Stage

This modular over balanced regulator is fully kitted out with an environmental seal and a
rotating turret.