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Enter Scuba Diving Magazine's 2019 Underwater Photo Contest

2019 Scuba Diving Photo Contest


Scuba Diving magazine's 2019 Through Your Lens Photo Contest is supported by Aggressor Liveaboards, Cressi, Scubapro, Mares, Aqua Lung and SeaLife Cameras. Please read the official rules, located at the bottom right of the entry form, before entering.

The 2019 contest features four image categories; Wide-Angle, Macro, Behavior and Compact Camera. You may enter up to five images in each category below. If you plan to enter more than one image per category, keep in mind that you must upload all five images before selecting "Enter." You will not be able to go back and add additional images after submitting your entry.

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Over the past several years we’ve noticed an uptick in amazing wildlife encounter and marine life behavior images. From a daddy clownfish caring for their eggs to two dueling eels, this category encompasses imagery that tells a greater story of an animal encounter or interaction.

When we added the compact camera category to Through Your Lens in 2015,it was all about inclusivity, acknowledging how many divers have taken up photography. Yet, partly because of rapid advances in camera technology, this category quickly became a powerhouse, consistently yielding wide-angle and macro images as compelling as those entered in our more-traditional categories.

When you think of the images that made you want to be a diver, more than likely you recall colorful landscapes of vibrant reefs, or epic show of big animals on the move. Wide-angle images show the ocean in all its glory, and have a special power to move us through the stories they can tell.

It’s the little things that can be overlooked amid the bustle of the underwater world. Magnified, these tiny creatures gained standing through photography, where their exquisite colors; patterns and features never cease to amaze. Great macro photography takes a tiny subject — often smaller than a quarter — and brings it to life a way that provides a connection for viewers.


Grand Prize Trip and All First Prize Trips from Aggressor Liveaboards, aggressor.com


Prize: Socorro Aggressor
Socorro is best known for wonderful encounters with giant pacific manta rays, where the mantas come to the divers and are happy to stay throughout entire dives. This isn't all you will see during a liveaboard boat trip to Socorro, there are up to ten species of sharks including whale sharks, silkies, silver tips, white tips and sometimes tiger sharks. Dolphin encounters are always thrilling and from January through March these islands are home to a migratory population of humpback whales.
Value: $3495

Plus $1,000 cash awarded by Scuba Diving magazine


Prize: Roatan Aggressor (7 Nights)
Explore the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef in the Bay Islands. These islands are renowned for their sheer walls, wrecks, massive barrel sponges and captivating macro critters. These waters are also home to larger marine species, such as whale sharks, Caribbean reef sharks and bottlenose dolphins.
Value: $2895

Prize Oman Aggressor (Any 7 Night itinerary)
Oman offers pristine reefs, stunning deserts, rugged mountain landscapes, green oases, endless beaches and friendly people. Choose among four 7-night itineraries: Daymaniyat Islands; Musandam Peninsula itinerary; Daymaniyat and Hallaniyat Islands; and Hallaniyat Islands.
Value: $2999

Prize: Jardines Aggressor I (Zapata Itinerary)
Learn about Cuba’s unique marine environment during an Oceans for Youth Foundation People-to-People educational program. Dive in along the walls of the Zapata region and Bay of Pigs — a UNESCO World Heritage Site — and you will experience a sense of timeless wonder.
Value: $2999

Prize: Thailand Aggressor (7 Nights)
For divers, the true treasures of the Andaman Sea are found at famous sites in areas such as the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock, where the warm, clear water draws large schools of tropical fish, manta rays, and the awe-inspiring whale shark. The wealth of aquatic life will delight underwater photographers and marine naturalists when scuba diving from a liveaboard boat in Thailand.
Value: $3290


Prize: Cressi AC10V Master Cromo regulator
The balanced piston first stage AC10 features 5 low pressure ports that are located on a rotating turret, eliminating interference between instruments. Its technologically advanced design delivers consistent intermediate pressure and high performance even with low tank pressures. The air passages are enlarged to allow for peak performance of 2,700 liters/minute (95 cu ft/minute). The conical filter has a large surface area and allows 200% more air flow than standard models. Can be changed from INT to DIN. The Master Ellipse second stage is installed with an exceptional and proven Cressi balanced valve to ensure minimum inhalation effort. This valve is paired with a metallic body. What's more, the knob for adjusting inhalation effort is made of a metallic material to guarantee reliability and resistance to blows and scratches.
Value: $499.95
URL: cressi.com

SCUBAPRO teams its high-performance first stage with its air balanced second stage. The MK25 EVO offers excellent resistance to freezing, superb inhalation sensitivity and instant delivery of air on demand. The S620 Ti delivers effortless airflow under all dive conditions.
Value: $855
URL: scubapro.com

Prize: Mares Prestige 15X regulator
Compact, reliable, and performance are the key words for describing this Mares first stage. Featuring the DFC system, it meets all divers' demands at any depth. The valve guarantees longevity and advanced performance. A medium-size second stage is made of ultra-light techno-polymer. The large purge button is effortless to use while wearing gloves. The VAD system delivers excellent and natural breathing at any depth. The super-flex hose is light and flexible for maximum comfort.
Value: $450
URL: mares.com

Prize: Aqua Lung Legend LX Regulator
The MBS (Master Breathing System) controls two functions with one knob – the Venturi effect & the opening effort – offering the quickest and easiest route to breathing comfort. ACD (auto-closure device) keeps water and dust out of the first stage by automatically closing as it is removed from the tank. Over-balanced first stage paired with pneumatically balanced second stage makes for superior breathing performance at any depth. The first stage sports an environmental dry system to keep the main chamber free from silt, contamination, and ice buildup.
Value: $779
URL: aqualung.com


Prize: SeaLife Sea Dragon 2000F Photo-Video Light
The new Sea Dragon 2000F photo-video light delivers 2000 true lumens and a smooth, even 120° wide beam angle. evolutionary COB LED technology produces an 80 CRI (Color Rendering Index) that shines like natural daylight, letting you capture colorful underwater stills and videos. Includes battery, charger, grip, tray and GoPro camera adapter.
Value: $299
URL: sealife-cameras.com