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Expert Alex Mustard Shares His Secrets on How to Photograph Dolphins in the Wild

Dolphin encounters can be tough to photograph because they are unpredictable and highly variable, but few subjects will be so warmly appreciated by your friends.

Cabo’s Other Wild Side: Swimming with Blue and Mako Sharks

Wildlife photographer and writer Brandon Cole takes you on a thrilling ride into Cabo's wildest adventure; diving with sharks.


Shrimp in the Spotlight: Making Crustacean Photo Magic

Tips and tricks on how to photograph shrimp.

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Freshwater photography is a low-cost and convenient way to build your underwater photography skills. When the ocean is far, or conditions are rough, check out your local rivers and streams for new inspiration.

Kraken Hydra LTD 2500

Now powered by a single removable 26800 battery with an integrated USBC charge port
the new Hydra 2500 is significantly smaller than the original.

Kraken Smart Housing V2.0 PRO

This updated version of Kraken’s Bluetooth enabled, vacuum sealed housing includes upgraded
marine resistant electronics and a larger housing body and port to ensure compatibility with
larger phones.