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Diving Paradise: A Guide to Scuba Diving in the Seychelles

A guide to diving in the Seychelles focusing on the three main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue as well as things to do topside.

Cape Hopping in South Africa on a Drive-And-Dive Trip is Peak Adventure

Photographer Brandon Cole uncovers South Africa’s oft-overlooked apex predators and psychedelic reefs in a drive-and-dive saga from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.

Exploring Land and Sea in a Double-Dip African Dive Trip

Mainland Tanzania delivers Big Game encounters while macro wonders dazzle in offshore Zanzibar during a two-week safari.

Ugandan Technical Divers Are Cleaning Up the World’s Most-Polluted Lake

Mutumba Faisal, the co-founder of AgrAbility for Africa, discusses an initiative he’s spearheading to pull ghost gear out of Lake Victoria with funding from the Ocean Conservancy.

The Hidden Wonders of Wreck Diving in Sudan's Central Red Sea

A WWII wreck and an abandoned Cousteau research station beckon liveaboard divers below the waves and into history.

First Underwater Museum in Sub-Saharan Africa to Open in Kenya

Once complete, it will stretch about 85 miles from Lamu to Malindi, featuring over 30 wrecks, artwork about the East African slave trade, and artifacts like iron tools.

Eight Big Cities with Great Scuba Diving

Believe it or not, there's scuba diving in Los Angeles, Lisbon, Miami and more.

Six Animal Aggregation Dives to Add to Your Scuba Bucket List

With careful planning and a bit of luck, some divers get the chance to see hundreds or even thousands of rare animals underwater at once.

Meet the Dream Liveaboard

Scuba Diving’s writers and editors explore the features of a dream liveaboard boat.