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Bay Islands

Tiny Yet Stunning: Best Destinations to Dive for Macro Life

Where to be wowed by all things Lilliputian

Summer Savings Splash

7 Night All Inclusive Dive, Snorkel and Resort Packages

Free Photography Workshop by Mickey Charteris at CocoView Resort!

Trips booked to CocoView Resort, Roatan, Bay Islands for the weeks September 2-8 & December 16-22, 2023 will receive an additional $600 value of photography instruction from Mickey Charteris, author of Caribbean Reef Life, for FREE!

CocoView Resort, Roatan, Bay Islands of Honduras

Three-time winner for Best Overall resort in the Caribbean/Atlantic region

Anthony’s Key Resort

There’s never been a better time to book a vacation at the “resort nature designed”

2023 Anthony’s Key Vacation DIVE Package Rates

2023 Special 7 Night Dive Package

Snorkel Package

About 95% of marine life species in the Caribbean make their home among Roatan’s reefs. From a lush underwater garden of pristine corals and sponges to other marine residents like Caribbean reef sharks and loggerhead turtles, the waters teem with vivid undersea wonders.

The Best Destinations for Underwater Photography

Marine life makes these dream destinations for dive photographers, from the Florida Keys to Indonesia.

Summer Dive Destinations to Book Right Now

Here are the tips, tricks and classic dips you need for planning a dive trip to the Maldives, Bahamas and Bay Islands.