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Costa Rica

Treasure Island!

Guests on the Cocos Island Aggressor will find countless marine treasures in this legendary destination.

The Best Destinations in the World for Diving with Big Animals

Sharks, whales, manta rays and other pelagic delights abound from the Bahamas to Australia.

Restoring Order to the Shark Populations of Cocos Island

A fishing ban led to a recent resurgence of tiger sharks off Costa Rica’s Cocos Island. But experts say it will take more to restore harmony among the area’s apex predators.

The Best Places to Dive with Big Animals in 2021

Great dive locales to encounter major marine life, as ranked by our readers.

Six Animal Aggregation Dives to Add to Your Scuba Bucket List

With careful planning and a bit of luck, some divers get the chance to see hundreds or even thousands of rare animals underwater at once.

Six Dive Locations Only Reachable by Liveaboard

Scuba diving destinations you can only experience through a liveaboard excursion.

Seven Marine Protected Areas You Need to Dive

Marine protected areas you can dive, from California to Indonesia.

Scuba Divers are Loco for Costa Rica's Cocos Island

With rugged landscapes and creatures big and small, it's no wonder divers are drawn to Costa Rica's Isla Del Coco.

Can We Save the Hammerhead Sharks of Cocos, Galapagos and Malpelo?

The Golden Triangle is a haven for hammerhead sharks. But these large pelagics are under a major threat to long-line fishing unless we help.