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The Best Scuba Destinations for Diving Healthy Marine Environments in 2021

Explore the most pristine reefs in the world, from Fiji to Cuba.

Here's What Happens to an Island When Tourists Disappear

Travel contractions in Cozumel, Boracay, and Sipadan offer a rare glimpse into its impact on small islands. Is Cuba's tight control of Gardens of the Queen a better model?

Six Dive Destinations Known for Healthy Coral Reefs

These six dive destinations feature healthy coral reefs and offer hope for the future of our oceans.

Seven Marine Protected Areas You Need to Dive

Marine protected areas you can dive, from California to Indonesia.

All Star Liveaboards

All Star Liveaboards

An Inside Look at Cuba's Diverse Marine Ecosystem

Scuba divers and snorkelers can study the marine ecosystem in Cuba's Gardens of the Queen aboard the floating classroom M/V Oceans for Youth.

What Divers Can Expect in Cuba's Isle of Youth

Here's what scuba divers can expect at Cuba's Isle of Youth, where Oceans for Youth is establishing new Travel Programs.

Destination Unknown

What's it like to discover a dive site? Cuba's Zapata Peninsula seems like a good place to find out.

Dive Cuba's Silky Seas Aboard the Jardines Aggressor I

Go where the wild things still roam in the Caribbean aboard the Jardines Aggressor I.