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Dive Health

The Healing Power of Scuba Diving

The transformative role of scuba diving in one counselor's recovery from an eating disorder and how it now benefits her clients

The Dos and Don'ts of Scuba Diving with Asthma

Diving with asthma has its own risks, but it’s not impossible. Speak with a dive doctor and consider these tips.

Can You Scuba Dive After Long Haul COVID?

Returning to pre-COVID fitness, getting medical clearance and returning to the water gradually are all important for diving after long haul COVID.

Dive Nonprofit Raises Over $20,000 for DAN’s Post-COVID Scuba Study

Dive into the Pink raised over $20,000 during its annual photo competition to support DAN’s study on returning-to-diving fitness after contracting COVID-19.

A Curious Case | Lessons for Life

An experienced diver with signs of DCS doesn’t immediately respond to treatment—what’s going on here?

How to Work Out with Your Dive Gear

How to use your scuba gear to complete a full-body, at-home circuit workout for scuba divers.

An Undiagnosed Heart Issue | Lessons for Life

An undiagnosed PFO adds to the perfect conditions for a post-dive incident in this edition of Lessons for Life.

Scuba Diving Tips: How To Avoid Decompression Sickness — AKA The Bends

How do you avoid getting the bends? Here are eight tips to keep you from getting decompression sickness (DCS) during a dive.

How To Identify Decompression Sickness — AKA The Bends

Have you ever had the bends? Here's how to self-diagnose decompression sickness (DCS) after scuba diving so that you know when to see a doctor.