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How to Work Out with Your Dive Gear

Stuck in the house? This at-home scuba diving workout is meant to put your scuba gear to good use and help you stay in shape.
By Becca Hurley | Published On May 6, 2020
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How to Work Out with Your Dive Gear

There is more to scuba diving than beautiful coral reefs and exciting underwater animal encounters; there can also be a significant amount of work and fitness that goes into a dive. Whether it be carrying your scuba tank or dive gear to and from the dive boat or kicking in challenging underwater currents, a certain level of fitness is to be desired as a scuba diver.

Divers know why you shouldn’t exercise after diving, but like most sports, it’s important to try and maintain some level of fitness prior to diving. Have no fear. We're not recommending you pick up a vigorous workout routine or start training for the Olympics, but we have put together a scuba diving circuit workout that you can do from home, with your own dive gear. You'll never look at your dive weight belt, BCD or scuba fins the same again. Here’s what you need to work out with your dive gear:

What You Need

• Weight belt
• Dive Lead/Integrated weight pockets
• Scuba BCD
• Scuba Fins
• Yoga mat/Towel
• Chair/Sturdy Cooler
Optional: Scuba tank

Don’t have dive gear at home? The following can also be completed as a bodyweight-only workout. This workout was inspired by divers just like you, who took to social media to show us how they’ve been staying engaged with diving while at home. So we took it a step further and partnered with the fitness professionals at ScubaFit to bring you the following at-home workout that is diver approved.

Gretchen M. Ashton, founder of ScubaFit and creator of the PADI ScubaFit Diver specialty course is a lifetime athlete and advanced scuba diver. "This safe and effective circuit training workout will have you ready to get back in the water at your first opportunity. Until then, it helps boost your immune system, prevent comorbidities associated with known respiratory viruses, and lifts your mood," she says.

Ashton recommends putting on your favorite playlist and going to "one of your diving happy places" before starting this exercise. In terms of how frequently you can complete this exercise, Ashton shares, "If you are a diver starting to exercise for the first time, exercise every other day four times a week to start and train up toward a daily routine. If you are experienced with exercise this workout may be performed every day as most circuit training requires little recovery."

The Dive Gear Workout

• 8 exercises x 3 rounds
• 20 seconds rest in between

• 20 Jumping Jacks (using dive lead or integrated weight BCD pockets)
• 10 Squats with integrated-weight BCD
• 10 each side, Alternating Reverse Leg Lunges with integrated-weight BCD or weight belt
• 10 Push-Ups
• 10 Triceps Dips (using a sturdy cooler or chair)
• 10 each side, Biceps Curls (using dive lead or integrated weight BCD pockets)
• 10 Fin Raises
• 1-minute Plank Hold (pick-up and turn on dive light for an extra challenge)

Jumping Jacks

Dive Weight Jumping Jack

Jumping jacks with dive weight in each hand. Put your dive lead in an integrated weight pocket to avoid touching the lead directly.

Becca Hurley

Start with your legs together and then jump out with legs spread and arms overhead. Jump with dive weights (2lb, 3lb, 5lb) in each hand for extra challenge.
Modify: Bodyweight only

Alternating Reverse Leg Lunge with Scuba BCD

Dive Workout Reverse Leg Lunge

Alternating reverse leg lunge.

Becca Hurley

Stand upright and step back so that your front leg is parallel to the floor with your knee positioned over your ankle. Alternate legs until you complete 10 lunges on each side.
Modify: Remove the BCD and use bodyweight only.


Dive workout push-up


Becca Hurley

Keep your legs and back straight. Begin from a plank position or the ground and extend arms to push the body up and down.
Modify: Keep your knees on the ground.

Squats with Scuba BCD

Dive Workout Squats

Squats with scuba BCD.

Becca Hurley

With scuba BCD on, bend knees and sit back until your knees are bent 90 degrees, or as close to 90 degrees as you are able to bend. Make sure your knees do not go over your toes.
Modify: Bodyweight only.

Bicep Curls with Dive Weights

Bicep Curl with Scuba Weights

Bicep curl with scuba weights.

Becca Hurley

Hold weight in each hand or integrated weight BCD pocket in each hand, with arm extended, then curl up until the weight hits your shoulder. Repeat.
Modify: Bodyweight only.

Fin Raises

Dive Workout Fin Raises

If you are looking for an extra challenge, try tucking a dive weight into the fin pocket.

Becca Hurley

Hold scuba fin in each hand and slowly raise up to shoulder height. Complete 10 raises on each side.
Modify: Bodyweight only.

Tricep Dips with Scuba BCD

Dive Workout Tricep Dip

Tricep dip with scuba BCD.

Becca Hurley

With your scuba BCD on, sit down on the edge of your sturdy chair or cooler and grip with your hands. Keep feet flat on the ground and slide forward enough so that your behind clears the chair and lower yourself until your elbows are bent to 90 degrees or as close to 90 degrees.
Modify: Remove the BCD and use bodyweight only.

Plank Hold with Dive Light

Dive Workout Plank Hold

Plank hold using a dive light.

Becca Hurley

Situate yourself in a high plank with palms under your shoulders and flat on the floor. Place a dive light in between your hands. Pick up the dive light with your right arm and turn it on and place it back down. Then pick up the light with your other hand and turn it off. Repeat until one minute is up.
Modify: Rest on your forearms rather than on your hands and do not utilize the dive light.

Want More

Add the following advanced moves to your circuit for an extra burn.
• Scuba tank shoulder shrug
• One-mile run
• Visit for additional workout materials and to sign-up for the ScubaFit Diver specialty course.