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The Risks of Forgoing Drysuit Training

Learn from one diver's tragic mistake of not properly training before diving in new equipment.

Why You Should Try Drysuit Diving

Don’t let your aversion to the cold prevent you from experiencing some truly incredible dives. Here’s how donning a drysuit can open you up to a whole new world of diving opportunities.

How to Make the Most of Your Drysuit

As cold-water diving becomes increasingly more popular, divers are finding more opportunities to don a drysuit—something that isn’t always intuitive. Brush up on these tips before you suit up up for the first time.

BARE Guardian Tech Dry

Made with high-density Yamamoto neoprene, this women’s drysuit eliminates stitching in order to maximize the life of the suit.

Pinnacle Aquatics Showcases New Tahoe Neoprene Drysuit for 2022

Pinnacle Aquatics has showcased their new Tahoe neoprene drysuit for 2022.

Cressi Desert Drysuit: ScubaLab Best Buy

With a comfortable, body-hugging fit and a streamlined profile, the Cressi Desert drysuit was named our Best Buy for neoprene drysuits in the 2021 review.

What You Need to Know About a PADI Dry Suit Diver Certification

Any Open Water Diver — including Junior Open Water Divers — can learn how to use a dry suit properly to unlock all-season adventure.

Drysuit Diving Myths, Busted

Drysuits aren’t freezing, advanced tools. It’s gear like any other, and learning how to use them can expand your dive range and comfort level.

Pinnacle Inferno FZ

Ideal for layering under a drysuit or wetsuit, the Inferno is made of a triple-laminated material that provides thermal protection without adding buoyancy.