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Dive Hotspots: Grenada, Solomon Islands and Channel Islands

Get insider advice from locals, tips for timing seasonal experiences and the scoop on under-the-radar dives you won’t want to miss.

The World’s First Underwater Sculpture Park Gets an Upgrade

The world's first underwater sculpture park in Grenada's Molinere Bay—predecessor to similar parks around the world—gets an upgrade with over 30 sculptures by its original artist Jason deCaires Taylor, along with other contributors.

Grenada: Are Conservation Festivals the Future of Diving Ecotourism?

In Grenada, the Dive & Conservation Festival offers divers the chance to do—and give back to—what they love.

Five Great Shipwrecks to Explore in Grenada

Travelers can choose from a plethora of wreck dives at this world-class Caribbean island diving destination.

The Best Under-the-Radar Caribbean Islands for Scuba Diving

These six gems—from Puerto Rico to Guanaja—are the best under-the-radar Caribbean islands for scuba diving.

Wild Side Diving in the Caribbean

Get your adrenaline pumping by scuba diving on the windward side of these eight Caribbean islands! With the right conditions, these dives will change your life.



Nautilus Mission Dives to 6,000 Feet

Join the man who discovered the _Titanic_ as he probes the ocean to depths of 6,000 feet.

Scuba Diving's Top 100 Readers Choice Awards 2013

Based on the opinions of thousands of divers from across the globe, our annual Top 100 Readers Choice Awards showcase the best scuba diving in the world.