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Dive Hotspots: Saba, Malta and Loreto

Thinking about a trip to one of these locations? We’ve got what you need to plan your trip, including when to go, where to dive and the types of wildlife you can expect to see.

Ten Eco-Friendly Dives that Help the Ocean

Dives that let scuba divers help the ocean, from California to Thailand.

Gozo’s Azure Window Collapses into the Mediterranean Sea

One of scuba diving’s most iconic landmarks – Gozo Island’s beautiful Azure Window — is gone.

Diving The Mediterranean Island Archipelago of Malta and Gozo

Malta is renowned for its wreck diving, a sublime blend of genuine shipwrecks from wartime action or maritime mishaps and artificial reefs.

Secret Scuba Spot: Malta's Twilight Zone

Scuba diving the Santa Maria caves on Malta's island of Comino is a treat for any scuba diver.