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Marine Life

Why We’re Suckers for Becoming an Octopus’s Student

Few ocean critters are more charismatic than captivating cephalopods—squid, octopuses, cuttlefishes, nautiluses—and as divers, we can't get enough.

What Remains Unknown About the Deep Sea?

The latest "Ask a Marine Biologist" 

Peep Show: Dive with Hundreds of Thousands of Spawning Cuttlefish in South Australia

The typically inconspicuous giant Australian cuttlefish puts on a spicy performance during mating season 

How Scuba Divers Are Helping to Save the Critically Endangered Angel Shark

What organizations do divers need to know about? Dr. David Shiffman features the Angel Shark Project. The Angel Shark Project and Angel Shark Conservation Network use data from scuba divers to understand and protect critically endangered sharks.

Overcoming Fear: From Scuba-Phobic to Manta Ray Expert

How Dr. Annie Murray followed a passion for diving to some of the most remote islands in the world

Names for Groups of Marine Life That Are Sure to Make You Laugh

From “shivers” of sharks to “armies” of herring, the marine world is full of interesting and unique ways to refer to groups of animals.


The Spectacular World of Sponges

Marine sponges — they’re fluffy, sometimes crusty, and sometimes slimy, and they fill the reef with a rainbow of colors from red to purple. Learn about these fascinating filter feeders so you can appreciate on your next scuba adventure!

Unprecedented Mass-Bleaching and Significant Coral Mortality in the Florida Keys

An unprecedented marine heat wave has triggered a catastrophic mass-bleaching event on the Florida Reef Tract. The Keys’ coral reef ecosystem is suffering intense, quick bleaching and/or dieoff of corals, sponges, anemones and other marine life.