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5 Best Dive Sites in St. Croix

From walls to reefs, wrecks to piers, St. Croix is one of the best Caribbean destinations for divers due to its diverse underwater landscape.

Palau's Enduring Dive Appeal

Certain dive destinations can withstand the test of time, remaining virtually unchanged over the years. One diver revisits Palau to see whether the Micronesian island chain holds up to the memories.

How to Dive Lake Phoenix, Virginia

The unassuming lake in Rawlings, Virginia, may be quiet on the surface, but myriad surprises await below—including prop skeletons, a computer graveyard and even a deconstructed Black Hawk helicopter.

What It’s Like to Swim With Humpback Whales

Swim with massive humpback whales in the Dominican Republic! A breathtaking, up-close encounter with an energetic calf puts on an adorable show.

Top 5 Places to Dive in Germany

Have you ever considered diving in Germany? From wrecks in the Baltic Sea to underground mine diving, make sure to add diving in Germany to your Eurotrip itinerary.

Why Tioman Island Is the Perfect Dive Detour

Tioman Island may be small, but the surrounding sea is packed with myriad sights, making it a dive destination you don't want to overlook.

Discover Monk Seals — and So Much More — in Kauai and Ni’ihau

Fathom Five Divers can show you all the wonders of this magnificent marine ecosystem, including monk seals, sharks and rays, octopus and endemic fish.

8 Best Places to Go Kelp Diving

Underwater kelp forests stretch along thousands of miles of coastlines worldwide. Teeming with marine life, these destinations are home to the best kelp-diving experiences.

Pristine Paradise: Epic Dive Adventures in Palau

Mind-blowing marine life, pristine reefs, high-octane drift dives, and WWII wrecks await scuba divers in this Pacific island nation.