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An Unforgettable Dive: So Many Sea Turtles in Panama

Scuba divers love to share their favorite tips and tales from dive trips. Here’s how one diver learned she was on the right path when she encountered a dozen endangered sea turtles on a single dive in Panama...

Protecting Texas’ Barrier Island Sea Turtles

Sea Turtle, Inc., is on a decades-long mission to protect the South Padre Island turtle population from threats to their nesting grounds and more.

What It's Like to Watch Sea Turtles Hatch in the Wild

The joy and drama of life are on simultaneous display as sea turtle hatchlings dash across the beach of Heron Island to the ocean under the preying eyes of silver gulls.

The Race is On to Save Thousands of Endangered Sea Turtles from Texas Cold Snap

More than 4,000 cold stunned sea turtles have been pulled from the Texas waters, and power outages are limiting the ability to aid the injured.

VIDEO: Sea Turtle Eats Jellyfish Tentacles Like Spaghetti

Watch as this hungry sea turtle snacks on a jellyfish, slurping its tentacles like spaghetti.

Michigan Couple Volunteers To Fly Turtles Rescued Off Cape Cod To Florida

Endangered sea turtles rescued off of Cape Cod were taken home to Florida, thanks to the kindness of a Michigan couple.

Video: Scuba Diving With Green Sea Turtles In Oahu, Hawaii

We went scuba diving with a green sea turtle while diving the Sea Tiger wreck in Oahu, [Hawaii](/hawaii). Check out the video of the marine reptile encounter!

3-D Printer Used To Create Titanium Turtle Jaw

To save the life of an injured sea turtle, researches created a prosthetic jaw using 3-D printing technologies.

The Sea Turtle Conservancy: Helping Endangered Turtles since 1959

Want to get involved in sea turtle conservation? Here are some ways you can help!