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What Is Inner Ear Decompression Sickness?

Vertigo after diving may represent a serious problem. Experts from Divers Alert Network explain inner ear decompression illness and what to do if you suspect it in a diver.

Ocean Explorer Liz Taylor Named March Sea Hero

The daughter of famed marine biologist Sylvia Earle, Liz Taylor, president of DOER Marine, co-host of “Dive In With Liz and Sylvia” and an advocate of universal access to ocean science and research is named Seiko Sea Hero in March 2024.

Kym Larsen Awarded February Sea Hero for Work with Veterans

Inspired by a course with the Handicapped Scuba Association, Kym Larsen is awarded February Sea Hero for her work helping certify injured military veterans through the Ocean Enterprises Foundation in San Diego.

Can Fish Survive in Both Fresh and Salt Water?

In this edition of “Ask a Marine Biologist,” Dr. David Shiffman discusses osmoregulation and whether fish can adapt to different environmental conditions

Perks of Exploring Socorro With a Dive Club

Dive clubs are a great way to expand your dive community, skills and experience. Follow along with one diver as she joins one of the world's largest dive clubs for an excursion off the coast of Baja California Sur.

Oceanographer Antonio Mignucci Named January Sea Hero

Oceanographer and college professor Antonio Mignucci is named January Sea Hero of the Month for his commitment to conservation and community mentorship

Ask DAN: What Do I Need to Know About Scuba Cylinder Safety?

Experts from Divers Alert Network answer your questions about cylinder safety, including reasons why tanks rupture and how to keep yourself safe.

Top Techniques to Equalize Your Ears When Diving

Experts from DAN break down what to do with pesky ears, including how to perform various equalization methods and when.

Rose Huizenga Named 2023 Seiko Sea Hero of the Year

Marine conservationist Rose Huizenga named the 2023 Seiko Sea Hero of the Year. She plans to use her $5,000 award from Seiko to fund five more years of empowering women through local coral restoration.