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3 Unique Adopt the Blue Sites Driving Ocean Impact

PADI AWARE’s Adopt the Blue initiative supports MPAs throughout the world.

By Shayna Cohen | Updated On August 25, 2023
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3 Unique Adopt the Blue Sites Driving Ocean Impact

Adopt the Blue is the cornerstone PADI AWARE initiative, using local dive community expertise to educate the world about underwater conservation opportunities and create the largest network of underwater sites for conservation action. The Blancpain-sponsored initiative seeks to accelerate the pathway to marine protected area (MPA) status at relevant sites. When you Adopt the Blue, PADI AWARE Foundation and partners can see the issues facing your site and connect to appropriate local and global projects, campaigns, and grant opportunities. Check out these Adopt the Blue sites that are now receiving resources and attention around the world.


Ecosystem: Coral Reef

Conservation Opportunity: Coral Bleaching • Marine Debris

Adopted By: Crystal Divers Mauritius


Confetti Bay in Mauritius

“Because it’s a beautiful area of natural beauty, there can be a lot of boat traffic around the dive site, particularly in the afternoons. As a result, irresponsible anchoring practices can cause a lot of damage to the reef… something that could be avoided if the site became an MPA.” —Emma Andrews

Confetti Bay is a go-to dive site for training. “For it to become more protected would definitely help strengthen our mission to teach more conservation-minded divers and professionals,” says Andrews.


Ecosystem: Mangrove • River

Conservation Opportunity: Marine Habitat Loss

Adopted By: Marine Conservation Philippines


Maluay Mangroves in the Philippines

"Protecting our Mangroves here literally means saving our coral reefs, the livelihoods of local fishermen and the future of our children.” —Founder Soren Knudsen

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Ecosystem: Seagrass • Coral Reef • Sandy Bottom

Conservation Opportunity: Marine Debris • Overfishing

Adopted By: ScubbleBubbles Foundation


Tres Trapi in Aruba

“Adopt the Blue and PADI AWARE provide a platform to spread awareness beyond our own island.” —Nicole Danser. ScubbleBubbles teaches youth in Aruba about the issues facing their local marine ecosystems.


Submit the form on the PADI AWARE app. Learn how to Adopt the Blue at

Any freshwater or saltwater site can be adopted. It doesn’t just have to be a dive site!