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8 Inspiring Ocean Documentaries Streaming on Netflix

If you can’t get to the water to celebrate World Oceans Day, here are eight documentaries you can watch on Netflix to appreciate the wonders of the seas. These films encourage divers to take action to protect the ocean for generations to come.

mission blue sylvia earle scuba diver dolphin

Mission Blue tells the story of Sylvia Earle and her mission to protect our oceans.

Courtesy Mission Blue

1. Mission Blue
Explore the life and work of Sylvia Earle, an oceanographer, marine biologist, environmentalist and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence. In this documentary, Earle highlights her organization — Mission Blue — and its goal to create a worldwide network of Hope Spots, or protected marine sanctuaries.

2. The Blue Planet
Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, this series of eight beautifully crafted episodes tours the wonders of the big blue, covering everything from alien-like creatures of the deep to animals who thrive in the polar seas to coastal-dwellers worldwide.

sharkwater rob Stewart scuba diver diving shark

Sharkwater follows biologist Rob Stewart as he aims to dispel the myth that sharks are inherently violent.

Courtesy Sharkwater

3. Sharkwater
In this documentary, biologist Rob Stewart shares his quest to prove sharks aren’t as dangerous as they’re misunderstood to be. He travels to the most shark-rich waters of the world — the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and Cocos Island in Costa Rica — to hand-feed the apex predators, demonstrating their natural nonviolence.

4. South Pacific
This six-part series uncovers the natural history of the islands and coral atolls of the South Pacific region. Each stunning episode focuses on a different topic, such as the colonization of the remote islands, how big animals like sharks and whales survive there, the life cycles of the islands, and preservation of the region.

a plastic ocean pollution

A Plastic Ocean follows two explorers as they learn about plastic pollution in the sea.

Courtesy A Plastic Ocean

5. A Plastic Ocean
The four-year journey of two explorers showcases 20 spots around the globe, including the five major ocean gyres. Their aim is to learn about how plastic pollution is killing our oceans and creating shockwaves that go far beyond where the sea meets the shore.

6. The Polar Sea
Find out what life is like at the end of the Earth. In a series of 10 episodes, The Polar Sea takes viewers along on an incredible 5,600-mile expedition through the Northwest Passage, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific through the Arctic Ocean.

7. Life in the Blue
Captivating filmography creates a visual treat for ocean-lovers in this documentary, which shows what goes on in the shallows of the seas. An array of creatures, including sharks and turtles, are shown exhibiting grand displays of natural behavior.

8. Chasing Coral
From the director of documentary Chasing Ice, this film follows a group of scientists around the globe as they document the widespread coral reef bleaching epidemic.

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