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Access the Class That Helps You Avoid Scuba Diving Accidents

PADI Club members can access it for free.
By Scuba Diving Editors | Updated On April 4, 2022
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Access the Class That Helps You Avoid Scuba Diving Accidents


The only good underwater accident is the one that doesn't happen


There’s no such thing as being too prepared. Divers Alert Network has studied dive accidents and underwater mishaps for more than 40 years, gleaning insight into some of the most common, preventable mistakes that turn into emergencies. The DAN Prepared Diver course uses engaging video modules to build on divers’ training and teach them how to avoid these mistakes and minimize risk when diving. Focusing on the five most common causes of dive incidents, the course delves into topics that include being aware of your air consumption and preventing ear injuries and uncontrolled ascents. And it’s free with your membership to PADI Club (a $25 value).

Add in all the other discounts—20 percent off some of PADI’s most popular eLearning courses, SeaLife’s SportDiver underwater smartphone housing and PADI Gear merchandise—and an annual membership is well worth the $49.95 price tag. You’ll also receive an annual subscription to Scuba Diving magazine, as well as access to the PADI ReActivate refresher program and PADI Club’s brand-new exclusive Speaker Series, where you can engage in conversation with some of the biggest names in the dive world.

Start saving now with a free trial membership. Just visit /padiclub45 to sign up or get more information about the many benefits of being a PADI Club member.