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New AERIS BC For Women Generates Rave Reviews

Aeris Contour BCDEarlier this year, AERIS introduced it's new CONTOUR BCD designed especially for women divers. This product has become very popular in a short time. Here are some comments from customers.

"Last year I got an email asking me to talk about what I would want in a new women's BC. After 15 years (4000 dives) of diving with both women's and men's BCs, jackets and rear inflate, recreational and tech BCs...I had something to say. But, the truth is, I didn't have much hope that anybody would really listen to my gripes and comments. What a pleasant surprise when a year later AERIS' Contour BC showed up on our doorstep. They listened! When I put it on, I started smiling...I was comfortable. There wasn't anything digging into my hips (only cushioning) and I wasn't trying to keep the shoulder straps from sliding down (finally narrower shoulders for women).

In fact, every woman I've seen try on the Contour has had the same reaction - a smile and then a sigh of relief. It's a good looking BC that doesn't compromise performance in any areas. There's cushioning everywhere I wish there was, and more places...but it isn't bulky. And, this is truly a BC that fits everybody because of the Custom Fit Harness. We can shorten the shoulder system for women with shorter torsos, or lengthen for longer. I've adjusted waist cummerbunds for women who have a little weight on them but hope to lose that weight..."no need to go up a size… let's just adjust the cummerbund until you are ready." The angled weight pockets make it easy to put in your weights with the BC on or off. There are plenty of D-Rings and areas to mount the my knife and retractor for gauges. But nothing gets in the way. This is truly a BC for women...not because of the color, or because someone shrunk a men's BC, but because it was made for women divers by women divers. Gotta love it!"

For specific details on the CONTOUR BC, go to this link on the AERIS website: