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What is the Biggest Threat to Sharks in the Next Decade? What Can We Do to Stop it?

Overfishing (not finning) is far and away the biggest threat to sharks globally, but banning shark fishing is overkill itself. There are middle ground solutions.

What Causes a Jellyfish Bloom?

While these natural population peaks can cause harm and human interference can exacerbate them, there’s no reason to find them terribly alarming.

Are Manta Ray Night Dives Ethical?

How manta ray encounters are structured shapes their impact on wildlife.

How Often is New Life Discovered in the Ocean?

Hundreds of new ocean species described by scientists every year—but described doesn't mean newly discovered.

How Accessible Are Marine Biology Careers for Disabled People?

You do not need to be able to scuba dive for a career in marine biology, but there are ways for the field to improve inclusivity.

How Smart are Octopuses? Are Other Marine Animals Smart?

Dolphins aren't the only animals that use tools — octopuses and otters do too.

How Does the Moon Affect Marine Life Behavior?

The light of the moon can shape hunting, mating and more in the ocean.

How Can I Help After an Oil Spill?

The best thing to do is work to prevent the next one. Here are some ideas.

Three Lessons from Interviewing Shark Advocates Around the World

Conservationists that don’t stay up to date on the scientific research are likely to endorse ineffective policy solutions, but when scientists and conservationists work together, both groups benefit.