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How Well-Intentioned Divers Are Hurting Shark Conservation

Scuba divers are always looking for ways to help protect shark species—here are some common conservation mistakes and ways that you can help protect sharks.

Shark Species That You’ve Probably Never Heard of, But Desperately Need Your Help

The most Critically Endangered shark species are largely unknown. These fascinating facts illustrate why they should get more attention and earn protection.

Sharknado and Sharktopus and Megalodon, Oh My!

Why are bad shark movies such as Sharknado and Sharktopus so popular? Shark expert David Shiffman explains why and how it effects the public's understanding of sharks and conservation.

Shark Tagging: Myths, Misconceptions and Nonsense

Though some divers believe otherwise, shark telemetry tagging is a minimally invasive, commonly accepted research method that advances science and conservation without harming sharks.

Amazing Shark Facts You Haven’t Heard a Million Times

A science expert lists his favorite amazing shark facts, including facts about Greenland sharks, bull sharks and more.

Sunscreen, Straws and Subtlety: The Dangers of Oversimplifying a Complex Environmental Problem

Why plastic-straw bans and sunscreen bans may not be the best solutions for the environment.