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Finding Hope for Florida’s Bleached Corals

Bleached corals are less likely to spawn, a huge cause for concern in Florida after a severe bleaching event recently. But after monitoring last year’s split-spawn activity, we discovered that there still may be hope for a recovery.

The Regenerative "Wonder Crop"

The Wonderful World of Kelp! Nine transformational uses for this regenerative wonder crop.

The Warriors Fighting to Save Florida's Dying Corals

Corals in the Florida Keys are being ravaged by warming waters, diseases, overfishing, storms and more. Here's how some people are banding together to give them a fighting chance.

Sea Forests of the South: Searching for Kelp in the Southern Ocean

An expedition to the frigid waters of the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica offers a glimpse into biodiverse marine environments rarely seen by humans

Diving in Dye in Florida's Freshwater Springs

Scientists use fluorescent dye to learn about water flow in Florida.