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Scuba Tank Markings: What Do They All Mean?

Here's why you should care about what's stamped on the the outside of a scuba tank and how to decipher what it means.

Scuba Wetsuit Thickness Guide: How to Match Your Wetsuit to the Water Temperature

Tip for staying warm underwater: Match the thickness of the neoprene in your wetsuit to the temperature of the water you're scuba diving in.

Understanding the Types of Stitching Used in Scuba Wetsuits

Don't understand the difference between flatlock and blind-stitching to create the seams in a scuba wetsuit? Before buying a new one, get educated.

What to Look For in a Fabric Drysuit

There are features you should look for when purchasing a drysuit. Here's everything you need to know.

ScubaLab: 5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Dive Mask

It may not seem like a crucial piece of life-support gear for scuba diving, but your dive mask is important. Need help finding a well-made mask that's perfect for you? ScubaLab explains five features you should understand when shopping for your next window on the underwater world.

ScubaLab: 2013 Fin Test Review

We took 13 new fin models into the water and surfaced with some surprising test results.

ScubaLab: 2013 Scuba Reg Review

Want to know what is the best scuba diving reg for your money? ScubaLab evaluated 17 top regulators,See how the breathers compare.

ScubaLab 2013 Fin Test Preview

Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes at ScubaLab's 2013 Fin Test at Alexander Springs, Florida. Look for the review in the August issue of _Scuba Diving_ magazine.

ScubaLab First Look: Underwater Hunting Gear

Looking to go underwater fishing? Check out July's first look at six new pieces of underwater hunting gear.