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Video: Mermaid Swims With Humpbacks

A mother humpback and her calf — with a model — were filmed in the Kingdom of Tonga to bring attention to the plight of humpback whales.

Grand Cayman's Divetech to Sink Bronze Statue

Grand Cayman has 365 moored dive sites so that you can dive every day of the year without repeating a dive. The newest is the Divetech's Guardian of the Reef statue.

Ask an Expert: Is it OK to Drink After a Dive?

One might not hurt you, but how many divers stop at one? Experts weigh in on the risks involved with alcohol in conjunction with diving.

Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas Top 5 Experiences: Shark Feeding Video

Stuart Cove’s shark-feeding experience is the most famous dive in the Bahamas and with good reason. It’s controlled chaos.

Why I Dive: Marc Davidson — The Story of How 9/11 Changed the Lives of Two Brothers

September 11, 2001, changed a lot of lives forever. Here is the account of two men who learned to dive and found solace in scuba following the tragedy.

Suunto Zoop Dive Computer: ScubaLab Review

Suunto's Zoop dive computer is an easy-to-use computer for a beginner scuba diver, but still offers all the features a veteran diver might need.

Your Safety And Survival Guide For Any Diving Environment!

Human Kinetics: The Premier Publisher for Sports & Fitness

Should Scuba Divers Make Their Deepest Dive First? Not Necessarily

We revisit the findings of a 2006 workshop that evaluated a long-established rule of scuba diving — always make your deepest dive of the day first.

Dominican Republic Dive Travel Guide

Searching for the best diving in the DR? You'll find it here.