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Monterey Kelp Restoration Advocate Keith Rootsaert Awarded May Sea Hero Honors

The Giant Giant Kelp Restoration Project founder has led the push for policy change to address the loss of California kelp and spearheaded research to inform its future conservation.

Atomic Aquatics Celebrates 25 Years With Limited-Edition T25 Scuba Regulator

Atomic Aquatics Celebrates 25 Years With Limited Edition T25 Scuba Regulator

Women Divers Hall of Fame Honored as Beneath the Sea's 2019 Legend of the Sea

The Women Divers Hall of Fame is the recipient of Beneath the Sea's 2019 Legend of the Sea honor for its work in highlighting and encouraging women in the sport of scuba diving.

5 Reasons to Dive Andromeda

Here are five reasons to try the Andromeda liveaboard experience.

5 Easy Steps for Maintaining Your Reg

Modern regulators are so reliable that some divers take their regs on countless dives and never even rinse them off. Our best tips for taking care of your reg.

ScubaLab Testers Choice Scuba Diving Regulators: Scubapro MK25 EVO/S620 Ti

The Scubapro MK25 EVO/S620 Ti was ScubaLab's Testers Choice for regulators over $600 in our latest reg review. Watch the video to learn why we liked it so much.

25 Amazing Photos of Anemonefish from our 2016 Photo Contest

Check out these stunning images from the heart of the anemone. Featuring clownfish, vibrant reefs and some of the best underwater photography around.

Record Breaking Photo: 9 Humpback Whales in Tonga

This incredible image is one in a million! Check out these beautiful humpback whales underwater in Tonga.

Famous Sharks and the Legacy of America's Fascination with Jaws

Love it or hate it, Peter Benchley's bestselling novel and the subsequent movie launched America's fascination with sharks, spawning Shark Week, Sharknado and more. Follow along with some of the most iconic shark moments in pop-culture history.