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ScubaLab Testers Choice Scuba Diving Regulators: Scubapro MK25 EVO/S620 Ti

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ScubaLab Testers Choice Scuba Diving Regulators: Scubapro MK25 EVO/S620 Ti

The Scubapro MK25 EVO/S620 Ti was our Testers Choice for regulators over $600 in our 2017 ScubaLab regulator test . Watch the video below to learn why our test divers liked it so much.

I’m Roger Roy, the ScubaLab director. We tested the Scubapro MK25 EVO/S620 Ti regulator. With excellent performance both on the breathing simulator and from test divers, it was our Tester Choices for regs over $600.

We tested the S620’s ability to deliver air at range of depths and breathing rates on a breathing simulator at Dive Lab in Panama City Beach, Fla.

We also tested it at Alexander Springs in Central Florida with a team of test divers who scored it in 14 categories including ease of breathing, dry operation and comfort.

The MK25 EVO first stage has been a past winner when paired both with the G260 and the A700 second stages, so we were eager to try it with the all-new S620 Ti second stage, which has a titanium inlet valve. The reg didn’t disappoint. On the simulator it took excellent scores at all our test depths, so we pushed it down to more than 300 feet at 30 breaths per minute, where its work of breathing never fell below very good in our scoring.

In the water with test divers it took top scores for ease of breathing in all attitudes – including perfect scores in swim position – and best score for dry operation in the challenging face-up position. Some divers found the breathing adjustment and the Venturi control a bit stiff, but the second stage was still rated very good overall for comfort. Above all, as one test diver noted, this reg “really delivers the air.”

With impressive performance, and chosen as most test divers’ favorite, the MK25 EVO/S620 Ti is our Tester Choice for regs over $600.

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