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10 Reasons Scuba Divers Love Kona, Hawaii

Taking a visit to the Big Island of Hawaii? You'll want to check out these scuba diving sites and topside activities.

10 Reasons Scuba Divers Love Grand Bahama

The island of Grand Bahama offers plenty of scuba diving experiences such as shark dvies at UNEXSO and fun things to do between dives.

Best Places to Freedive and Snorkel with Humpback Whales and Big Animals

The best dive destinations with no scuba tank required. Swim with whales in Norway, Tonga and Sri Lanka or grab your freediving gear and head to Australia to dive with fur seals.

10 Reasons Why Scuba Divers Love Little Cayman

Traveling to the Caribbean scuba diving hot spot Little Cayman? Here's what to do when your scuba diving and exploring the island.

25 Reasons to Scuba Dive Palau

This Micronesian paradise calls scuba divers back again and again with incredible drift dives, wall dives and more.

Understanding Underwater Avalanches

A new technology allows scientists to learn more about enormous underwater avalanches.

American Idol: Meet the First Woman to Dive All 50 States

Underwater photographer Jennifer Idol is the first woman to dive all 50 states, and she's got an amazing book of photos from her journeys.

6 Easy Places to Scuba Dive with Sharks, Mantas and Other Big Animals

Both experienced and new scuba divers will love these easy dive destinations, from cage diving with sharks in Mexico to night diving with manta rays in Kona, Hawaii.

11 Awesome Big-Animal Encounters for Advanced Scuba Divers

Dive in to adventure with tiger sharks in Fiji, hammerheads in the Galapagos, Humboldt squid in Mexico's Sea of Cortez and 8 more insane spots for big-animal scuba diving.