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41 Great Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers in 2020

Presents any diver will love, from the latest gear to scuba decor.
By Scuba Diving Editors | Published On November 22, 2020
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41 Great Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers in 2020

Don’t ho-ho-hold off on shopping any longer—the holiday season is here!

As we all know, scuba is the reason for the season, so our editors rounded up more than 40 gifts sure to knock the fins off any diver. Whether you’re looking to surprise the special diver in your life or indulge in some jingle bell self-care, you’re sure to find the perfect present below.

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Scuba Gear

SeaLife iPhone Housing—$299

SportDiver iPhone case

SeaLife's new SportDiver case can hold the: iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, Xr, Xs, Xs Max, 11, 11 Pro Max, and SE (2nd Gen) models.

Courtesy SeaLife

Released in October, this new housing lets divers take photos and video with their iPhone down to 130 feet.

Underwater diving slate—Variable cost
Waterproof slates help divers communicate underwater, making this a gift that keeps on giving giving.

Garmin descent Mk2i—$1,499
The newest dive computer from Garmin is air-integrated and won the Testers Choice award in ScubaLab’s 2020 Dive Computer review.

Shearwater Peregrine Dive Computer—$615
The Peregrine features new ergonomic buttons and is designed for easy operation.

Scubapro D-Mask—$185
The Scubapro D-Mask was designed specifically for use with Scubapro's Galileo HUD computer, the D-Mask has an integrated computer mount that clips on and securely locks in place in just seconds.

SeaCure mouthpiece—$29.95

SeaCure mouthpiece

Always a perfect fit.

Jon Whittle

This moldable mouthpiece will provide comfort and a custom fit for the scuba diver in your life.


Diver Studying PADI Books

The gift of continuing education with a PADI eLearning course unlocks new underwater adventures.

Karl Shreeves/PADI

DAN membership—Individual $35, family $55
Safety isn’t sexy, but security is a great gift. Cover the cost of a DAN membership so they have access to world-class dive insurance.

Dive shop giftcard—Variable cost
A gift card for your neighborhood dive shop supports a local business while ensuring your diver can get exactly what they want at any time.

PADI eLearning—$63 to $259
An online scuba course lets the special diver in your life continue their journey even in the winter, and even during distancing!

Air refill card at local scuba shop—Variable cost
If they already own a tank, a tank fill punch card from your local shop is a great way to help your diver stay in the water.

PADI Club membership—$49.95
Give them a print subscription to Scuba Diving magazine, discounted PADI eLearning, travel savings and more with a PADI Club membership.

Beach Gear

Reef safe sunscreen—Variable cost
Reef-safe sunscreen like Stream2Sea or Raw Elements makes a great stocking stuffer that protects their skin from damaging UV rays and reefs from harmful chemicals.

Gili Gear Sand mat—$39.95
Feeling the sand between your toes is great until you’re putting on scuba boots. A sand mat is a great way to for divers to keep their gear and themselves off the ground while kitting up for a shore dive.

PADI Torchbearer Kit—$79.73 to $94.43 plus shipping



Courtesy PADI

This bundle is made from 15 recycled plastic bottles and includes the Leus towel, Ocean Bottleand a dry bag from PADI Gear.


PADI poncho—$55

PADI ponco

Being wet isn't as fun topside.

Courtesy PADI

Made from recycled plastic, the PADI X LEUS poncho is functional and fashionable. It’s like a snuggie you can wear on a boat!

Fourth Element winter line—$39.90 to $119
Fourth Element designs are printed in water-based ink and are free from harmful chemicals. The new winter collection is made from 100% Organic Cotton.

PADI vintage tees—$30
Nostalgic for the good old days? PADI has you covered with a vibrant line of retro-inspired t-shirts.

PADI face mask—$20.40 to $26.75

PADI ocean plastic face mask covid19

Ocean plastic face masks.

Courtesy PADI

Protect their health with a washable buff or mask made of water bottles pulled from the ocean. Additional carbon filters are available for $10.


Project Aware logo

Project AWARE advocates for shark protections and runs Dive Against Debris, and international marine debris program.

Courtesy Project AWARE

Project AWARE donation—Variable cost
Give the gift of stronger ocean protections with a donation to Project AWARE or another charity working to keep the seas vibrant.

Grocery totes—$16.99
Ending plastic pollution is the best holiday gift of all! This set of six ocean-themed reusable totes will let them display their love for the big blue every time they go shopping.

Reusable water bottles—Variable cost
Help cut the world’s single-use plastic while keeping your diver on the go — proper hydration is important on land and at sea. Support marine conservation directly with a $29.95 Naeco bottle; the company plants a coral for every product purchased.

Metal straws—$4.99
Implement a personal plastic-straw ban with this stocking stuffer.


Nautical relief maps—$89 to $422
Commemorate a meaningful dive with layered cutouts of the site, from the Great Lakes to the Mediterranean Sea.

Scuba signs—about $30

Scuba Diving Instructor Drive sign

Divers have the right-of-way.

Courtesy ezStreetSigns

Small metal signs are a playful way to spread the scuba joy throughout a home. Mark their home as diver territory with signs like “Scuba Diving Instructor Drive,” “Scuba Diver Parking Only” and “Decompression Chamber.”

Framed scuba gear patents—$60 and above

Scuba gear patent prints

Technical beauty.

Courtesy PatentPrintShop

Gearheads will love celebrating the history of the sport with this set of six scuba equipment patent prints.

Tide clock—$45

Tide clock

Stay up-to-date on tides near or far.

Courtesy OldBleu

Keep them in tune with the motion of the ocean with a tide clock, which can be set to align with their favorite shore dive.

Dive site world map—$49
See more than 500 dive sites in a glance with this illustrated scuba map bursting with sea life and undiscovered #TravelGoals.

Naturalist prints—Variable cost

Jellyfish print

A modern twist on a classic style.

Courtesy ThePrintedVillage

These antique-style prints are on trend. Celebrate the sea with a gift of an oceanic print featuring marine life, like seaweed, jellyfish, anemones, octopuses, fish or coral.

Small Items

Jewelry—Variable cost

Gogh bracelet

Jewelry that celebrates the ocean's majesty.

Courtesy Gogh Jewelry Design

A professional scuba diver and stunt woman designs the handmade pieces at Gogh Jewelry Design. There is something for everyone on your list and you can shop by intentions or different stones in their online shop.

Marine tea infuser—$7.95 to $15.56
There are no shortage of oceanic tea infusers that turn submerging tea into an aquatic experience, including a “manatea”, a ship wheel loose leaf strainer, the “Teatanic,” and a playful deep tea diver.

Ocean life stickers—around $1.50
Stickers of their favorite ocean animal—from nudibranchs to whale sharks—make a fun stocking stuffer.

Aquatic books—Variable cost

Into the Planet: My Life as a Cave Diver Book

Into the Planet: My Life as a Cave Diver is available on Amazon.

Courtesy Harper Collins Publishers

Winter is the perfect time to curl up with a good book. Books about notable dive sites (100 Dives of a Lifetime), diving science (Deep), marine life (The Soul of an Octopus), diving historic fiction (The Island of Sea Women), mermaids (The Deep), and real-life diving adventures (Into the Planet: My Life as a Cave Diver), are sure to peak a diver’s interest.

Ocean pins—Variable cost
Wood or enamel marine pins let divers show the world their oceanic passion wherever they go.

BCD custom name tag—$18
Help your diver’s gear stand out on a crowded boat with a custom BCD name tag.


Christmas travel concept art

Holiday gifts are a great opportunity to support somebody's future travel dreams. Africa

Dive resort gift card—Variable cost
A gift card for their favorite dive resort is a great way to support their passion and give them a trip to look forward to once travel restrictions ease up. This can be paired with faux dive trip “tickets” ($5 printables) for maximum impact!

Need ideas? Check out the best scuba diving operators, resorts and liveaboards as ranked by our readers.

Passport holder—$22.20
This scuba diver in a EKG line tells fellow travelers where your diver is headed the moment they go to board the plane.

Luggage tag—$7.99
A leather scuba flag dangling from their luggage is sure to stand out on the carousel.


Mixtiles—$49 for the first three, $9 for each subsequent tile
Turn their underwater Insta photos into a personalized photo collection with Mixtiles, photo tiles that adhere to walls with no marks or nails.

Scuba pin map—$89 to $230
Finally, a pin map specifically for dive travel! This one can be personalized with the name of the recipient, making it a one-of-a-kind inspiration piece.

GPS Coordinates of a Favorite Dive Site on Household Goods—Variable Cost
Today, GPS coordinates can be etched or printed on anything—jewelry, wall signs, barwar, cufflinks, pillows, cutting boards, and more. Put the GPS coordinates of their favorite dive site on a household item to commemorate it in a manner only the two of you will recognize. (You can look up the coordinates on Google Maps by right clicking on the spot of interest, then clicking on “What’s here?” The coordinates will appear along with the name of the location.)

Scuba Shack t-shirt—$28.99 and above
Your diver can look like they own their own “scuba shack” in this t-shirt, which can be customized to include any name, location, a date and saying.