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Scuba Diving Training

Learn about scuba diving skills, trainings, certifications and lessons on how to make your scuba bottom time safe, fun and lasting! Also, see what it's like to scuba dive in crazy situations, read our Lessons for Life, get underwater photography tutorials and check out expert scuba dive hacks for any and every dive condition.

The Path to Becoming an ROV Pilot

Remotely operated vehicles have become a mainstay in commercial diving in recent years. With more opportunities arising, it could be a good time to consider becoming a pilot.

How to Make the Most of Your Drysuit

As cold-water diving becomes increasingly more popular, divers are finding more opportunities to don a drysuit—something that isn’t always intuitive.

Life Gets Stressful; Diving Can Help

Scuba diving offers many benefits that align with recommended stress mitigation strategies, including deep breathing, regular exercise, time away from screens, meditation and connection with others

Recent Articles

A Close Encounter With a Dive Boat Propeller

When diving where boats may be active, you need to take extra precautions to protect yourself. Here’s how one diver learned their lesson—and how you can avoid making a similar mistake.

How to Conquer Your Fear of Night Diving

The ocean at night is full of beauty, wonder, and unique wildlife. Here’s how one nervous diver jumped in.

The Joy of Mentoring New Divers

Mentorship is an essential part of maintaining the tight-knit dive community we know and love. It not only introduces new divers to the sport, but it also shapes how we travel and explore.

Ask DAN: How Do You Treat Decompression Sickness?

DCS is rare, but it’s a condition all divers need to be prepared for. We spoke with the pros at Divers Alert Network to learn what to do if it happens to you or someone you’re diving with.

The Art of Diving for Shipwrecks and Treasure

Searching for long-lost ships and the treasure they once hauled across the sea can be thrilling, but it’s also a lot of work. Here’s a taste of what to expect if you explore the deep blue for hidden gems.

Photographing Blennies With Personality

Taking good and interesting pictures of fish isn’t easy—you really need their personalities to shine for the average person to take notice. Here’s how to coax blennies into putting on a show for your camera.

Buddy 101: How to Dive With Someone New

Dive buddies are integral to exploring the underwater world. These tips will help you come up with an effective safety plan when you take the plunge with someone new.