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Best New Dive Gear February 2024

A quick look at the best new dive gear this month
By Robby Myers | Updated On February 8, 2024
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Best New Dive Gear February 2024

waterproof wetsuit  W8 5mm wetsuit

Waterproof W8

Getting in and out of this suit is very easy due to its front-zip entry with easy-grip zipper pull tab. The opening has two wide sealing panels to minimize water seepage, and the neck is designed to minimize water entry. The 5 mm version was perfectly comfortable during a 45-minute dive in 72-degree water during a rainy day. The suit is flexible and won’t hinder movement. Its warm lining is soft and comfy against bare skin. We really liked the low-profile zipper pockets, which are convenient for stowing small items such as a backup mask, dive light or slate. It is available in 15 men’s and seven women’s sizes.

MSRP $569 (5 mm), $649 (7 mm)


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apeks dsx

Apeks DSX

Outfitted with a 2.4-inch full-color display, this technical-minded dive computer offers easy legibility. It even features an “extra large” viewing option for critical dive info. It includes vibrating and audible alerts. The low-profile body uses dual quick-disconnect bungee straps, which lock to prevent accidental loosening of the strap once adjusted. The computer supports nitrox, trimix, closed-circuit and sidemount diving. It can connect to up to six wireless transmitters and set gas mixes directly on the computer via the included plug-in 02 analyzer. The computer can be charged via cable or the included inductive charger. It can store images for referencing slates, maps and more during the dive. Bluetooth connectivity allows access to dive logs and settings using the DiverLog+ app.

MSRP $1,399


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wave runner water shoes

Wave Runner High-Top Sport

These lightweight, self-draining water shoes feature a stylish high-cut design for easy all-terrain traversal. The sturdy anti-slip sole provides secure footing on slippery boat decks and excellent protection when walking on rocky, uneven terrain. The breathable mesh and self-draining sole don’t retain water. We could feel air pump through the shoes with each step, which quickly dried our feet post-dive. These shoes are great for driving, gear prep, boat travel—really any activity you’d do in sneakers—without the worry of waterlogging your favorite kicks. Available in four colorways and seven men’s sizes from 8 to 14.

MSRP $79


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