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Cressi F-Dual Dive Mask: ScubaLab Best Buy

By Robby Myers | Updated On February 24, 2022
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Cressi F-Dual Dive Mask: ScubaLab Best Buy

We tested the Cressi F-dual dive mask. Scoring highly for comfort and dryness, it was our Best Buy for single-lens masks.

We tested masks in the field at Alexander Springs Recreation Area in Central Florida. We evaluated masks for the ease and security of making mask adjustments and the overall comfort of the mask in the water. We also rated masks for their field of view, how effectively their seals kept our faces dry, and how easy they were to clear and equalize.

Picked as a favorite among test divers, this frameless mask is lightweight and comfortable. The mask has a large, tall lens that sits close to the eyes and earned an excellent score for field of view. “Liked the big, clear view,” one tester observed. The mask skirt was comfortable and scored very good for dryness.

Earning an excellent score for volume, the mask “takes a minute to fill and a second to clear,” as one tester described it.

Providing solid all-around performance and comfort at an attractive price, the F-Dual is our Best Buy for single-lens masks