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Dive Naia in Kona, Hawaii

Kona Honu Divers, Inc
By Scuba Diving Partner | Authored On November 21, 2023
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Dive Naia in Kona, Hawaii

Location: Kona, Hawaii
Depth: 60 ft
Visibility: 30’ +
Who it’s For: Intermediate and Advanced Divers

What Makes it Special:

Located in Kona, Naia boasts a veritable melting pot of marine life. Numerous rare and cryptic fish inhabit the reef, including stonefish, frogfish, devil and leaf scorpions and whitley’s boxfish.

scuba diving eagle ray hawaii

Eagle ray at Naia

Kona Honu Divers

The shallows are packed with white bar surgeonfish, filefish, yellow tang, raccoon and butterflyfish. Larger critters like eagle rays and dolphin call this site home. And the occasional tiger shark is seen cruising through in the afternoons from June to September.

This bustling site is affectionately nicknamed, “Ripoff Reef” for it’s close proximity to the harbor the dive boats leave out of.

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scuba diving hawaii kona frogfish

Frogfish in Kona at Naia dive site.

Kona Honu Divers