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Dive the YO-257 Wreck In Oahu, Hawaii

By Scuba Diving Partner | Created On May 17, 2018
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Dive the YO-257 Wreck In Oahu, Hawaii

Location: Oahu, Hawaii
Depth: 120 ft
Visibility: 50-100’
Who it’s For: Advanced Divers
What Makes it Special:
The YO-257, a 175-foot long navy oiler, sits on the sand in 100-feet of water off the south shore of Oahu. You’ll have a breathtaking view of Diamond Head on your boat ride to this wreck. It was purposely sunk in 1989 to form an artificial reef by Atlantis Submarines and has since been teaming with marine life. Large turtles like to lay on the main deck at 75 feet and schools of spotted eagle rays cruise past the ship on both sides. Swim throughs are abundant here.

Laying 70 feet from the YO-257 is the San Pedro, a 125-foot long decommissioned hospital ship. She lays shallower in 60-feet of water. The San Pedro like it’s neighboring wreck also sunk by Atlantis Submarines only a few years later in 1996.

Both wrecks are home to beautiful butterfly fish, enormous puffer fish, white tip reef sharks, nudibranchs and octopus. Due to the deteriorating condition of the San Pedro, penetrating the wreck and swim throughs are not advised.

Currents that wrap around Diamond Head can sometimes make this site more challenging.

Dive Oahu offers premier charters to the YO-257 from Waikiki. Visit to book your next dive.