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An Easy Way to Take Underwater Photos with Your iPhone

Finally, an answer to "How can I waterproof my iPhone?"
By PADI Staff | Updated On October 26, 2021
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An Easy Way to Take Underwater Photos with Your iPhone


SeaLife Sport Diver Smartphone Housing


"Did you see that ray?"

"Yeah! And what about that eel? It was huge!"

Comparing underwater encounters is a scuba ritual no matter where or how you submerge. It’s not in any manual as part of the formal post-dive procedure, but it might as well be. Especially today, doing a dive without sharing what you saw is almost as unimaginable as diving without a mask.

That’s because photos and videos make this even easier, especially for expressing our experiences to nondivers. And with SeaLife’s SportDiver smart-phone housing, which can protect a slew of iPhone and Android models down to 130 feet, you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars purchasing top-of-the-line camera gear. The housing, weighing less than 1.5 pounds, turns the phone you already have into a water-proof studio.

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