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6 Riveting Books That Explore the Ocean

Can’t handle being away from the action when you’re not in the water? The books on our list let you expand your ocean exploration from the comfort of your home—using your imagination.

The Art of Diving for Shipwrecks and Treasure

Searching for long-lost ships and the treasure they once hauled across the sea can be thrilling, but it’s also a lot of work.

A Wreck Like No Other: Diving Into the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Kamau Sadiki describes the “intense” experience of diving on the last known slave ship to bring captured Africans into the United States, entering the spaces they lived and suffered in.

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VIDEO: New Deep Ocean Ecosystem—‘The Trapping Zone’—Discovered in the Maldives

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400-Year-Old Wreck Discovered Well-Preserved in German River

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Exploring Portugal from Marine to Cuisine as a Scuba Diver

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Scientists Discover Incredibly Salty Underwater Lakes On the Floor of the Red Sea

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